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    We Are Second Light
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    Whether your goal is to increase sales,
    approach new markets,
    train or recruit employees
    or to strengthen your brand
    we have the experience to help you achieve your objectives.
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Welcome to Second Light Productions

We are a full service film and video production company located in downtown Memphis. We are one of the only facilities in Memphis that owns and offers RED camera systems. We can give your project the new standard cinematic look that professionals strive for.


It Begins with a Story

Storytelling at Second Light begins with scriptwriting and carries all the way through post production



Leading HD Technology & Equipment

Second Light is a full production house, offering the latest in HD equipment used from Hollywood to New York.


Work Highlights

Our video production work ranges from creating promotional videos, commercials, client testimonial videos, corporate video shoots, internal corporate video, documentary as well as short and feature films. We take great pride in providing the best experience for our clients and the ability to cater to each unique client's needs throughout the production process.
Contact us today to discuss your filming needs and other video projects.

Why Choose Second Light?

We have more than 30 years combined production, entertainment, and communications experience that spans across the corporate, entertainment and non-profit industries.

Second Light, LLC has been telling stories since 2008. Started as Second Light Productions by founder, Ryan Nichols, we have grown into a full media company today that utilizes the latest in HD video technology, full 3D animation and graphics and visual special effects.

We have the ability to shoot raw video footage with 18 stops of dynamic range with HDRx that gives us unlimited creative freedom in post production to enhance the story.


"Second Light exhibits professionalism rarely found in a smaller film and television market. Their camera work, workflow, and ability to deliver on time is second to none. I highly recommend them." - Rich Newman, Elsinore Productions/Memphis Film Society

"The best gear, the best talent and the ability to put the right team together for practically any project. Highly recommended." - Keith Sykes, Musician, Keith Sykes Music

"Second Light went out of their way to work within my tight timeline and a modest budget... Their interpretation and creative input of my concept flowed nicely. Simply put, they are professional and accomodating in every way -- just good people to work with." - David Greenwood

Companies Our Team has Worked With