The Perfect Son

a play by Justin Peddle

April 11-14 | 8:00pm

Barbara Barrett Theatre | St. John's Arts and Culture Centre


Alison Batstone SELMA
Susan Bonnell MARGARET
Alyssa Hicks MAGGIE
Peter Jones HAYDEN
James LeBlanc MAXWELL
Kyle March-MacCuish YOUNG MAN
Michael Monachese JOSH
Tim Murray CASPAR
Melissa Ralph PENNY
Jody Rideout I.J.
Abra Whitney PORTIA


Robert Chafe Dramaturg
Jillian Clarke Assistant Stage Manager
Katelyn Hoyles Stage Manager
Tyler Hoyles Producer, Technical Director
Justin Peddle Playwright, Director
Lindsey Peddle Production Designer


Staying true to the original, but placed in a new time with new characters, The Perfect Son offers a fresh and exciting presentation of the Easter story. It’s the perfect start to your Easter season!

2020 Second Light Productions